Angela Harris

Dr. Angela Harris is an Assistant Professor in the department Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering. She researches water, sanitation, and child health in developing countries. Dr. Harris teaches courses centered on development such as ‘Meeting the Global Sustainability Challenge’ and ‘Thinking through Africa: Perspectives on health, wealth, and well-being’. She has considerable experience overseeing structured observations in homes in low income countries.

Degrees: B.S. Georgia Tech, M.S. Stanford University, Ph.D. Stanford University
Interesting Fact: Loves to be in the outdoors, including hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling.

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About the Harris Group

The Harris Group seeks to understand the role of the environment in the spread of infectious diseases. In particular, our group seeks to explain human exposure pathways of fecal contamination carrying enteric pathogens, both from animals and from humans. The Harris Group strives to improve data collection and analysis strategies related to environmental health to lead to improvements in microbial contamination monitoring efforts and improved strategies to evaluate WASH interventions. We are also seeking to apply our understanding of fecal contamination exposure to design innovative interventions that interrupt disease transmission pathways.